eclipse Installations uses Epson’s Projector for seamless image display

eclipse Installations uses Epson’s  Projector for seamless image display

eclipse Installations uses Epson’s EB-L1405U Projector for seamless image display at the luxury Level Shoes in Dubai Mall


eclipse Installations is part of the eclipse Group, a collection of leading technical production companies working throughout the GCC, with a reputation for excellent customer service, solution delivery and safe working practices.

eclipse Installations specialises in the provision of expert multi-disciplinary guidance, solution design, client consultation, project management and project oversight across a variety of sectors. The company’s technology and innovation defines their success in achieving exceptional results for clients, no matter what the project and no matter what the requirements may be. This underpins everything that eclipse Installations does.

Chosen by clients because they challenge convention to find solutions that really work – in practice, not just on paper – the eclipse Installations team combines expert consultancy, extensive real world experience and the drive to innovate with the very latest in technology capabilities and developments.  The company works with clients to provide expert liaison, practical support and problem solving throughout the project and, in many cases, for long after that eclipse Installations believes that everything and anything is possible, and takes a 360 degree approach, enabling them to provide a specialist knowledge base, sensitivity, attention to detail, and professional rigour to each of their projects, no matter what the requirement.


eclipse Installations specialises in providing bespoke solutions to discerning clients, including the UAE based Chalhoub Group who have many high-end retail brand outlets throughout the region. Display is an important aspect of any luxury store to attract customers, and highlight their latest range of products. Chalhoub Group appointed eclipse Installations to manage the display at their prestigious footwear store - Level Shoes, in Dubai Mall.

The client wanted the team to design a solution that moved away from conventional Large Multi-Screen Video Walls, solutions for which the bezel of each respective screen dissects the content displayed, and provide one single surface onto which high resolution video content could be displayed. In order to achieve this, eclipse Installations decided to develop an application for Chalhoub Group whereby a high-quality UST projector and bespoke Rear Projection Glass surface could be used to create a display surface of 4 meters wide by 2.5 meters high. In doing this eclipse also were informed they had just created the largest UST rear projection screen ever fitted into a retail environment in the Middle East.

eclipse Installations’ concern was to find a trusted vendor that could provide a high-quality projector for this prestigious project. They decided to meet with Epson’s team in Dubai to understand whether they could provide an apt solution and, for the Rear Projection surface, the UK based company Pro Display.

Epson’s Solution

eclipse Installations met with Epson’s team and discussed their requirements for this premium project.

Epson suggested using their EB-L1405U large-venue projector as it combines a laser light source and 3LCD technology for powerful, uncompromising images. It offers extraordinary color brightness, and the Epson 3LCD projectors ensure brilliant images. It delivers 8,000 lumens of color brightness and 8,000 lumens of white brightness. The EB-L1405U's laser light engine also provides 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation. Plus, its exceptional integration capabilities include diverse connectivity such as HDBaseT™ and nine optional powered lenses with lens shift and lens memory.

eclipse Installations’ team realized that the EB-L1405U projector was ideal for the kind of large display solution they were looking for

Experience with Epson:

Commenting on this collaboration, David Fell, Director of eclipse Installations, says: “We have worked with Epson in different markets and dealing with them works perfectly for us as they continually deliver outstanding products; their support has been vital in ensuring our customers receive the optimal solution, with no hassles.”

Fell points out: “eclipse Installations’ clients come to us because they know we source the very best equipment possible for the solutions we design and, with that, that we will not compromise on performance or quality; choosing to work with Epson and Pro Display for a project like this was therefore a natural choice.”

“Quality and performance have always been our criteria when choosing our technology partners, and Epson meets our exacting standards. We plan to work with them for many more upcoming exciting projects,” he added.